August 22nd, 2011

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

strange how good days can change so much

Had an AMAZING day .....firstly i have a job YAY and that means less financial worries and oddly me getting even fitter as its a warehouse picking job , which if i can get on nights pays ok

Then spent the day chilling with JC and feeling Mia lots and just being happy

Days like this make me very happy and content

I grateful and appreciate life much more now and the good is much better and bad is worse and overall its really good....less grey

Being sober for this long is weird ....i feel so much better but its screwed my sleeping pattern, and changed all sorts of my personality first it was hard and i had some pretty dark days but now....i think its been worth it.

I am sleepy now and content and mellow and VERY happy

Good Night world ^_^
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