October 18th, 2011

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

ok happy post

Thank you to varioussorrows for reminding me i should also post about the good things here!!!!!

Life is busy....v busy...

I am loving my new job I love the pressure, the people EVERYTHING about it is amazing.

I had a wonderful lunch with the fabulous Mieke on Friday it was so so good to catch up and see where we both are after Domgen.

I think i am finding my feet in life, in work ...overall

Yesterday was stressful but it was easy to deal with, firstly Jacey coughed so hard we think she cracked a rib on Sunday and by 5 am yesterday we decided to call a Paramedic as she was having trouble breathing, he checked her over and said she was ok and Ibuprofen and a hot water bottle would help so i stayed home and tried my best to look after her,.

Then the leccie died and the fantastic Julie-Ann rescued us there by transferring some cash to my account so i could go out and buy some more THANK YOU HUN

Then the alarm went off so i had to disconnect it (it hasn't worked for 4 years)

So not the best day by a very very long way but it ended with me cooking dinner for us  and sitting and chatting with Jacey before making hot choc for the both of us and heading to bed for a very long sleep

Today will include a bath, work and home

It looks like a lovely day and i intend to make the best of what ever it holds!

PS I am SUPER excited about baby arrival in a few short weeks (had to mention Mia somewhere) !!!!