November 25th, 2011

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

so more about baby Mia !

I have been thinking today how much my life has changed over the years, this place this journal started out as the "Drugjournal" morphed into my personal journal becoming what you see now but was mostly still a record of my party life.

Now it has become a very personal place where i am opening up more and talking about my child (this still is a source of some wonderment"

Mia and Jacey and me went to the Registrars office today and she is now legal YAY

I love spending time with her and love all the cute faces and noises she makes, being a dad is SUPERB and AMAZING

I dream about her when i am not awake and when i am i attempt to spend all of my time with her and this makes me a very very very happy little me.

I find that nothing is getting me down these days and my usual oblivious optimism has kicked into some new overdrive mode and the world is SIMPLY ACE ALL THE TIME.

I do not know what the next year will hold but i know it will be fab as i will be a dad and i love that.

So here is to more changes and more love to my baby girl ....

Life is good folks....i am liking being more sober and together life has not gotten easy and anyone who tells you that stopping drugs etc will make it easier is lying MASSIVELY but still i am enjoying it if not more than in a new and different way

For those that want to see more of Mia then i shall be uploading ALL the pics to my Flickr shortly and will post a link for you all