March 22nd, 2012

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

so 2 big steps

Today i start training again with the ever fabulous Mieke Hink at her new school Aim HIgh Martial arts and i am really looking forward to it. I am kinda nervous but i know it will be a lot of fun and a really good way to get back in shape.

I also made a call yesterday and will be leaving my current job next week and going back into the world of street fundraising, this time with the excellent REAL Fundraising, i have been thinking about this for some time and now seems like an excellent time to make this switch. Again i am nervous but i think this could be a career and i should take a chance and while i have it.

Life is still v hectic and this is a good thing for me, the new job means a nice pay rise which should make everything easier YAY i am also currently putting together a website for Aim High martial arts and this is reminding me of the fun i used to have doing that as a job.

My new meditation is leaving me with this glowly feeling for the first part of every day and its amazing!

Mia my little Squidge mcmonkey is doing really well and coming along so so fast everytime i see her she has a new expression or can sit up or is making a new noise or something she is becoming a person in her own right and its amazing to see that.

So life is great , busy and exciting i hope you are all well?