March 26th, 2012

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

super unsure of my self???

The past couple of days has been pretty much standard but i have had this odd feeling of crushing self doubt before i go to slep most nights??

Am i good or even competent father?

Can i be a fundraiser again etc...........

I have chosen both of these positions in life , i chose to be father and i love my baby girl more than anything , and i have chosen to move jobs back to street fundraising as i know i enjoy the job, it gives me a sense of purpose and the money is better BUT for some reason these doubts keep appearing?

Its very odd ..I have always been a person that prefers to take risks rather than live wondering what might have been and that is what i am doing with my job i am leaving a job where the pay is ok , the targets are easy to achieve BUT its dull and gives me no sense of accomplishment what so ever. And i am joining an ethical company i love where yeah it will be harder work and more hours but that ultimately means a challenge and more money ..........why am i concerned i know this is the right move??

Odd (shakes himself) right its time for coffee and head of for my penultimate day holding the sign.

In other news life is pretty good as always i have that odd smile on my face most of the time, i am super looking forward to a person i consider my best friends wedding in June, I looking forward to my pay rise as that means i can afford to spend more time with my little Squidge McMonkey the 1st, every time i see her she is more of a person and she has the most amazing expressions she is totally awesome.