April 21st, 2012

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

so what now?

It turns out i am un employed again and seriously need to consider and change in direction, i am doing with sales and fundraising and think i will attempt a move back into an IT/IS based role.

I am planning on studying and and upgrading my skills and will be looking for a support based role

I have to admit i know very little about windows after XP as i have been using Linux since then but i am sure i can back up to speed in no time.

I also have to admit liking the break this has given me , spending lots of time with my wonder-full baby daughter and relaxing has been great the past few days and i look forward to MUCH more in the next few weeks

So not unhappy in fact kinda pleased i am jobless as i now have the time to seriously sit down and re evaluate my next step and my work/life balance

peace out hope you are all well and happy??