May 12th, 2012

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

so clubs and socialising

i went out to a club tonight for the first time in many many months...

I felt out of place, nervous and not at ease at all.........clubbing was my life for many years and now its kinda dull , kinda stressful and not at all what i want

I was always socially nervous and out of place but i made my own place within that and i loved that lifestyle now...i feel that i have left that part of my life behind perhaps this is growing up??

I am constantly being reminded that i have changed beyond anything my old self would even recognise i am happy and content and while i still have no idea where my life is going or my career i know that i am a father to an amazing little girl and i am happy due to that

I no longer feel the need to get out of my head or fit in i am happy being this me ...