September 13th, 2012

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

wow lots of changes

So the big news is that i have moved house landlord decided to sell the place i was living, this is a GREAT thing while the move as always was kinda stressfull the new flat is AMAZING

I mostly live on my own in a new ish build apartment it is already feeling like home and not having to share with randoms is so so nice, it is much closer to Squidge and it is perfectly laid out.

My room is small but big enough for me and the lack of HUGE means i am being forced to clear out lots of rubish that i no longer need.

Little miss is coming on in leaps and bounds and had the hang of ALL sorts of new and exciting things. (post to follow)

Work is being all crap and the targets keep going up so it looks like i will be job hunting again (maybe) though the agency i am with will find me more work without any gap all being well.

I have signed up for medical trails with Quotient Clinical i would like to be debt free before i am 40 and this seems like a good plan to make a strong move in that direction.  I have been on trails before and really liked it.

On the whole life is ticking along very nicely my morning meditation is up to about 10 - 15 mins and i intend to start running twice a week on ym new local park.

The park has a "fitness trail" with all sort of outdoors gym equipment and i can see this being most useful

I hope you are all well and happy??