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September 23rd, 2012

another day

I can not wait for Quotient medical to get back to me so i can really start being debt free ....I know its risky but hey taking risks is part of life,  I wonder what drug they will be testing on me ??

In other news i was concerned this recently ill , shaky hot feeling was down to alcohol withdrawal so i had a pint and nope its not that all that did was make me feel even worse for about 3 hours??

So either i am coming down with a really slow acting cold/flu like thing or its my body slightly freaking over a lack of meat....wait and see

I noticed recently that this laptop has not had a version of Windows on it now for almost 4 years i have been solely using Liux of one distribution or another on it, Right now i am using the excellent Linux mint with Cinnamon DM and it feel like home when i am using it, I am so glad that in work i do not have to use windows as i do not use a computer for anything else i get to only use Linux all the time.  There was a time when i would have duel booted without question and the idea of only running a version of nix would have seemed limiting and scary but now i can do everything i want except a few very minor action like LoveFilm.

I am toying with the idea of killing my facebook an the only thing really stopping me is Jacey posts a lot of pics of Mia on there.....

I tend to only use Twitter and G+ and just randomly check FB once a day to see if news pics or msg's have arrived


YAY a present for Darwin!!!!
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