September 25th, 2012

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

a contented thoughtful me

Over the past ten months i have been thinking, meditating and reflecting on all that i have done and how i got to here.

ON the whole i have to say it was worth it, i love my daughter so much she is my greatest act and she is everything to me ,

I have a flat i love , i have a daughter i love more than than anything and she has a great and amazing mum, my job is not too bad.

So sure i have done a lot of things that i am not proud of and some things that were downright insane BUT those things i learnt from (yes i admit a few times it took a while to sink in ) and from those lessons comes my current stability and confidence in being a father.

I do not claim to be "the best dad ever" nor do i claim to really know what i am doing but i am also sure that most of do not really either, i do however have the guts to admit that i am not perfect and that's a great place to figure how to be better and i am trying every day to improve the areas i feel i am lacking.

I will happily admit that the emotional bond  i share with my little one overwhelms me sometimes and that is cool.

So i am content right now and always striving to be a better person and that's all any of us can hope for i think

I am glad i am the person i am now and in many ways i am thankful to all the ups and downs that brought me to be this person.

And i can not wait for the next chapter ...i will soon be 40!