April 10th, 2013

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

up and down ...

So i am out of work which is kinda odd, i LOVE spending lots of time with Little miss seeing her everyday is AWESOME

I love watching her grow and learn she is AMAZING and life changing.

I am trying to hit the gym really hard as i have been getting out of shape recently and Little Miss deserves and fit healthy dad to play with for many years to come BUT my shoulder isnt making it easy and i am finding it hard to be motivated recently i dont know why??

I seem to need less sleep than i used to which is good but leaves me awake at all sorts of odd times??

I will have a job again soon have the final part of an interview with Sky as a retail advisor next week and it looks like a fantastic job with good wages and opportunities.

Life is ticking along, i am still fasting once or twice a week and that is really helping me with focus and health.