April 18th, 2013

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

Odd battle and wonderful victory and the DWP

A few weeks ago i lost my job and started signing on, my job centre was Station street quite a long way from where i love AND passed 1 other job centre?

I turned up early to my first interview and had to wait for about 30 mins AFTER my interview time...

I saw one person who was lovely and signed some things to agree the information i had provided online was correct.

I then had to wait another 10 mins to see a harassed , tired and frankly rude lady who had me sign lots of pieces of paper and a tablet like device MANY times without really explaining any of this to me, at the end of this interview i asked when i should next attend and was told the following Wednesday.

I attended the following Wednesday to sign on for the first time and was told i couldn't do that as i had missed an interview on the previous Monday???

I then waited another 30 mins to see a chap who treated me like a criminal said "i don't have time to see you now so your coming back tomorrow to discuss this"   he had all the customer service of an angry rock who doesn't like people.

i asked him if i could see the signature  he claimed i had made for the letter and he simply and rather gruffly said no, i have still not been show this.

I borrowed the tram fare and attended to next day only to be kept waiting another 30 mins and then to be told "well we are sending this derby you wont receive any money until this is sorted out"

Over the course of the next 4 weeks i had to email my local politician, speak to 3 different people, send over 10 emails and make 4 appeals

During one of these phone calls from the DWP office in Staion street one of there advisers actually admitted finding the letter i had apparently signed for

I finally received a call yesterday and my suspension has been over turned the money they owe will be paid. and i have managed to re location to a job centre near me.

Now here are the interesting points, i am on "contribution based" Job seekers allowance what this means is the money i am receiving comes from MY national insurance contributions so the D.W.P was withholding MY MONEY.

Secondly there is no point in this process when i have not been looking for work so i am an active job seeker with LOTS of proof and my job search has been limited BECAUSE of a lack of funds.

Due to the lack of money i couldn't call prospective employers, i was struggling to eat and if not for a few very good friends i would have been in much more trouble.

So effectively they with held my money and hampered my efforts to find a job??

How does any of this make sense?

I am never out of work for long (the last time i found a job within 4 days), i am actively looking for work as i do not like taking hand outs, and while doing this i have been fighting the DWP for money that I HAVE PAID in national insurance contributions