October 2nd, 2016

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

my adventures in ChromeOs land

so i owned my Acer Chrome book 13 for just over a week now and i must admit it wasn't an easy switch, it looks like a laptop, feels like a laptop but seems to basically be a very expensive and somewhat pretty browser, which took a bit of adjustment.

I had to put it down for a day and then look at it again, and now I LOVE IT

The keyboard is freakin lovely to type on, the screen is great (at the right viewing angle) , the battery life ( i have averaged  6 - 7 hours of pretty heavy use) is just out of this world

AND ITS FAST 9 seconds from off to full boot!!

Yeah i understand it seems limited but its not,its actually amazingly focused, its great for browsing, blogging, writing and petty good at morvies and films.

It is not a computer or a laptop in a transitional sense it pretty much requires the internet to be off use.

I now think of it not as a laptop but more a super powered work hungry tablet and from that point of view its AWESOME

AND soon it will get better Google have announced it will soon get access to the play store so it really will be a tablet with an amazing Nvidia/Arm K1 processor , amazing battery life AND a lovely keyboard and screen HOW COOL IS THAT FOR £130 Uk pounds??