November 8th, 2016

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

so trying to keep up this blog ...

I spent yesterday afternoon with my daughter after i joined Jacey in the pick up from school, it was AMAZING to see Mimi riding her bike she is already so confident on it and LOVES riding fast.

Riding next to her and helping her understand when and where to brake and turn etc is really rewarding.

Today is a tough day, first days of autumn are pretty hard due to arthritis, rode a fair bit yesterday in cold damp weather i expected this.

So chilling at home under a blanket  and pottering about the house.

But its ok and it is worth it i am not stopping riding until i actually can't anymore, i have a few more ideas for the bike when i get my finances back on track.

New tyres i am thinking some of these Specialised crossroads or some Clement X'PLOR MSO 40c and then later next year change the groupset over to Shimano 105 and then switch out the brakes to some Hope not sure which ones yet.

Then all the parts that we pull off mine that are working go onto the Boardman for Jacey ^_^

Life on the whole is ok, a lot of pain but i am ok with it, work is wonderfully dull and i really hope it stays that way and having Mimi in my life is simply AWESOME