January 30th, 2017

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

The changes continue

So this year i will be 42 almost or maybe middle aged who really knows?

So i have managed to massively reduce my alcohol intake and stop smoking (mostly), and introduce kettlebells every other day and meditation (most days)

So being fairly happy with the changes i have made i intend after a lot of research to remove added refined sugar from my diet and reduce my overall carb intake even further.

I will now be reducing the amount of bread, cobs and pasta from my diet as there seems to be a shaky consensus that wheat and gluten can increase inflammation and therefore the effects of my arthritis

My housemate has Celiacs disease so it will be very easy to remove a lot of gluten from my diet to see if this has any effects on my arthritis.

I will be continuing my fasting and having one day a week where i eat around 600 calories and one day a week where i eat as little as possible no carbs as this seems to be helping me keeping my weight low and has had all sorts of beneficial effects so far.