June 10th, 2017

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Fasting and lifestyle

For a few years I have had a day in the week (it's never a set day) where I don't eat untill late evening.

I have been asked why and given all.sorts of odd advice, so let's start with why ...

For many years I have been interested in Buddhism and that started my fasting journey, it is is also informed by my psychonaut adventures and the lessons I learnt there.

The central idea was a way to help me understand my relationship with food and to help myself listen and pay attention to my physical body a bit more.

Discipline also comes into it being able to wake up and say to myself "today is a fast day we don't need food today ,so just untill this evening we are avoiding it" is for me a very powerful action.

So that is where it started , since then I am and have been involved in all sort of bio hacking forums and through that that have learned all sorts of benefits.

This wonderful documentary is a great intro and taught me a lot and helped inform the direction of further studies


I know for myself it helps with my osteoarthritis, helps me with my overall energy levels, helps with my overall mood.

It has really helped me understand when my body is saying "we are hungry" and when it really means , "we are bored" or "we are thirsty"

Like a lot of things in my life I do it my own way ,I tend to prefer to not eat till my evening meal ,I always have green tea and don't have a set day (i see as a gift to myself)

I am pretty sure I will do this for the rest of my life.