January 21st, 2018

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

Another good week

OK starting off on a negative pount I AM REALLY MISSING RIDING MY BIKE but at present i cant even lift my arm up high enough to grip the bars :-(

I am doing physio , i am eating better and its kinda working

On to good things, the rate at which my AMAZING daughter can pick up and understand ANY information or ANY concept explained to her is ASTOUNDING me on an almost daily basis.

She is amazing , wonderful and a constant source of happiness and joy to me.

I suppose i must admit to personally feeling very frustrated and almost angry at my body, i know my choices led to this injury amd therefore i must take respomsabilty for that but at the same time its frustrting not to be able to ride, or really use my right arm much.

I will be on my bike agiain hopefully this year

I am still loving my job and hopefully in the next month or so i will be taken on with a permanant contract.

Life is on the whole good , i hope you all have good week ^)^