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A path and a thought for the day

Recently a friend announced as an off hand comment "your not a very good Buddhist" he said this because i still follow some of my old pleasure seeking ways. And he in many ways is correct. Importantly though i view things a little differently , yes i still do seek pleasures and i still like material possessions and i still wish to change my outlook even more than i have already done BUT i have changed and i am continuing to change and the more i read and think about things the more i gain an understanding of myself and my flaws from that point of view. I am happy to say i am flawed because it gives me something to aim for.

Buddhism is something that i feel can help me live a better and more thought out life, and it intrigues me but i am still me and i still have things i wish to change and i still will do things without knowing why or even asking sometimes.

But i do not intend to change my entire life without questioning , and i do not intend to accept any doctrine or way of thinking without testing it and seeing if it can or should be applied.

And in many ways i like seeking new knowledge and tools to help me understand why i am here, So no as yet i am not a very good Buddhist perhaps just a new one.
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