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Ubuntu! -help with video conversion big thanks to jimrockford

Right i have a PSP and as you all know i LOVE IT now in windoze there are loads of programs for converting Video files to it but i couldnt find a easy to install one in Ubuntu.

So when i found this wonderful page of instructions i thought i would post them so any other newbie might be able to find them and to document my continuing wander through Ubuntu

The page is here

and the instructions i used i are these - (anything in Italics should be copied into a Terminal window)

This worked for me in Ubuntu Edgy. Hopefully, it'll work for you.

1. Download pspvc from here:, saving it to your desktop.

2. Double click the pspvc tar.gz file on your desktop.

3. Press "Extract", ensure "Desktop" is listed as the location to extract the files, and then press the "Extract" button (again).

4. You should now have a pspvc-install-0.2.1 folder on your desktop.

5. Open Terminal or Konsole (whichever you have installed).

6. Install dependencies using this command:

sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev libfaac-dev libxvidcore4-dev nasm build-essential

7. Several development libraries that pspvc requires will install. You'll see a bunch of output and it'll take a few seconds to complete.

8. Next, enter the following command, replacing user with your user name. This will change the prompt to the pspvc installation directory.


cd /home/user/Desktop/pspvc-install-0.3

9. To begin the pspvc install, enter this command:


sudo ./

10. When the install completes, you should see a message that says "PSPVC installation completed". You're done!

11. Enter pspvc at the prompt to start the application.

Is it any good? I don't know. I just got it to work. I guess it's time to play with it.

Good luck
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