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A sad thing a happy thing and a review

A very sad thing just happened , earlier on when i came down this morning a HUGE wasp was on the house crawling over things ? Now i am VERY VERY afraid of all bug like things so i was pretty conflicted on one hand i didnt want it ANYWHERE near me and on the other i didnt want to kill something.

Fortunately it wandered into a box so i quickly threw a towel over the box and took the box to the back door and took the towel off closing all the door except the back one so it could be free, i just found it dead on the floor :-(

For some reason this makes me sad mostly because wasps despite my dread of them are really cool and simply amazing creatures and partly because i wanted it to be free and happy.

Poor little wasp

Now on to the happy

Last night i went out with Mat and Em and they are just the MOST fabulous people ANYONE could EVER meet i love both of them so much. I dont know if i will ever be Carter like i used to be and thats one of the reasons i have been feeling lost lately but its ok i think. I still dont feel like going out and partying again but i feel more ok about being withdrawn and thats a good thing.

Now the review well after extensive play tasting i can report that Manhunt 2 (uncensored) is a few things

1) the control system and game play as a whole is so much better than the original which was crap and hard to control on any platform

2) gory as hell but not overall that bad as i was expecting and certainly not as gory or evil as i was led believe in the press

3) not really worth censoring above say an 18 its nasty yeah but any worse than an 18 film NO

4) Actually pretty fun and engaging as a game
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