Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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right not updated in ages

Life is pretty good right now , i am working lots and going to the gym lots and thats all fab

I am overall feeling pretty happy and sparkly, nothing much to report i didnt get the job i wanted at work but thats ok i still have a job and i appear to be good at it !

I have decided to re grow my hair and as i result i now have spikey hair till it gets long ish again

I am still not feeling like going out and being around lots of people but i have had some fantastic days and nights in the Orange tree recently YAY for great (cheap) cocktails!

Adam came over last night and we watched a scary film about a hospital it was good and mad and then i had to go have sleeps

so off to the gym in a bit i hope you are all well and happy

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