Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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so 33 single broke and we have no chairs


kinda wish i hadnt woken up this morning , has anyone got a a sofa or lounge chairs they dont need? As the housmate who is now moved out took everything with her

Carrie broke up with me last night, i am numb but probably ok about this, i will always miss kissing her and the way holding her made everything feel like it didnt matter and like that moment was everything.

I realise now i should have done it more when i could, she may no longer be in love with me ...and that is my fault but i am still very much in love with her

*EDIT* slightly less ok than i thought, when i was with her walking anywhere or just sitting holding her or waking up next to her i felt like the luckiest most blessed person in the entire i just dont want to feel

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