Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

still seem to be waking up

I think ti sis one of those recurring themes, so maybe now time for a change....

Sitting around feeling seems to be hurting to much its time to act.

Secondly who wants my cambridge audio 57 DVD play for say fifty?

Thirdly who wants Magic mike a 1975 fully working robot in great condition (sadly no box) i for a tenner?

Fourthly who wants my entire collection of the Sandman this inc all the graphic novels, mystery theatre, endless nights and many many more also thrown in will be the death comic. I am thinking as a complete collection £150 is a fair price but come over and make me an offer

Then i will get rid of the TV and then Carrie can get rid of Virgin TV and that should save us some money.

Next i think i WILL have my head shaved again and then on payday its time for some new tats

*edit* The Xbox appears to not be mine to sell......a Friend who helped me mod it reminded me that while fucked one day he made me promise if i were ever to want to get rid of it then it would be his. sorry
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