Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

contructive day

so far washed some stuff ghuing some stuff out , hovered mid room , took out more stuff from boxes and put on various shelves YAY

Sometimes i have regrets .....mmm and sometimes memeories hurt still but its ok i just have to remind myself that all the great time were that and that having them at all was a blessing (sorry i found lots of photo's)

And Pet Shop Boys - Always on my mind speaks a lot to me right now

My little herbs are growing in the garden YAY happy happy happy

I am trying out the new Opera and its short of a few minor things but on the whole i love it , speed dial is great and the way its arranged gives much more screen space over Firefox 3.

time for some coffee me thinks

***EDIT*** i iz officialy a fat bastard body fat percentage is 25.2!!! , right it need to be back to the 20 to 23 range NOW so time toi ramp up my gym work to 3 hours every other day and LOTS of cardio and swimming

This is bad....time for drastic actionz...

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