Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

yesterday was so full of win ....

Firstly i was awoken to an odd noise in this house it was a tapping and a growling form the two wonderful new cat freinds Frosty (thegiant) and Willow (thetart) trying to get me ot let them in to my room and pay much purry attention to me YAY

They are just super cats and i already love them lots and they make me loaugh a lot

(pics soon i promise)

got to work and the payrise they had turned me down for becasue of my written warning (which had already expired) was given to me in the end after a few emails pointing oput things like DATES and stuff so YAY

Secondly i start full time some time soon and that all approved SO DOUBLE YAY

Aldso i can now haz pensionz YAY so for the first time ever i will really have a pension i have opted ot pay 5% in YAY and that means the goverment give some and my work W00T

And then i cmae home to watch a fun film and dring booze with the enver wonderful Adam


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