Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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eeek and i think i need....

Direction in my life, i need more of a plan.

I have the plan for Nepal sorted., money (soon) should not be a problem for that which is great.

Much overtime and soon full time hours should sort this out, i now have a pension YAY

Its my birthday soon but i am not really loking forward to this one so i think i may just ignore it completly and do nothing.

I have my sales head on again (which is an odd phrase) and i seem to be achiveiving a wokring 35% (from all calls )conversion for sales this month so far at work (my target is 18% after calls i cant sell have been removed) so thats cool.

I am going to force myself for the rest of the month to stay in a read more after work. I am loving the nightwatch series (kindly loaned to me by the amazing scarlett_lee)

nothing more to report
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