Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

so what now...

Off to the gym now need to keep up with that as it helps me a lot both physically and mentally.

Less red wine might be a good idea i seem to get very upset when i drink it ?? (new thing)

We now have fresh organic veg (lots of) so i will pick up some pasta and cornflakes on the way home , cornflakes for breakkie and pasta/veg commbinations for dinner sounds good :-)

I have started getting back into dance....and i now i have a lot of free time it might be time to start planning a two week holiday in Ibiza ..

So will need passport and money well both those are sortable if i want to YAY

I only have to think about what i want to do this is an upside to being single YAY

time to find clothes and leave

hope your all well
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