Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

so today is a bit of a lazy day

i so far have watched the F1 and it was great watched the final of Shipwrecked and it was pretty good and now i intend to

1) wash up the pots
2) puts lots of my clothes in the washing and hang them out in the lovly weather
3)tidy my room some more
4)cook myself savoury mince with veg and pasta
5)sleep LOTS

Tomorrow i intend to get back to the gym as my sholder/arm is still kinda uncomfortanble but its not hurting.


*EDIT* first round of pots done and room far more tidy, time for a coffee and some more TV , i have also done some stretches and my arm feels fine , this is good news as i have been really missing the gym this week.

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