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Yesterday went really well i think in part down to the fact i had a good breakfast, I had way more energy and felt better in some way. Work was good and i got 4 sales :-)

I also discovered ANOTHER way to make more money, we spend some time at work waiting for calls and yesterday i found that could GET PAID for taking on line surveys!!!

Now most of them are about 10 mins longs and you only get about 10p - £5.00 but i can easily rack up another £20 a month W00T

This means along with work, mystery shopping and survey taking i am now earning enough to be comfortable AND save for Nepal!

All i need to do now is figure out how to make the gym pay me and i will be sorted LOL

I am really happy that have an official Linux client i still think to many companies are ignore Linux

SO A BIG THANK YOU to Introversion software, the makers of EVE online and LAST.Fm you guys all rock!

Right time for toast jam , orange juice and some coffee then of to work (no gym today dont want to push myself to hard like last week)
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