Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

So excited me

Right life is going pretty well and i am kinda happy, tonight is the drinking lots of red wine whiel watching Heroes with mutagenius  agian YAY

I manged so far ths month to be a good boy it was payday yesterday and so far i have not been naughty only slightly drunken  last night with my mum ( i took her out for a drink and some nibbles ) this is a good start.

Tomorrow is release of the new version of my fave operating system UBUNTU i am already running the new version (Intrepid Ibex) as and its once again better than the last versionw which means ITS AMAZING ALL THIS IS FREE!

I am slowly converting freinds the cause  YAY

Today i am wokring on fixing a few small bugs so i can report them and the fixes to Ubuntu HQ and then some housework.

Tags: drinking, fun, heroes, linux, mum, ubuntu
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