Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

ohh and oops updateless LJ bad carter...........

So i have had a really boring week , which has mostly consisted of listening to the Dresden dolls and Amanda Palmer, watching various Stargate episodes, completing various housework tasks, seeing my mum, sorting out various mp3 players for Adam and my mum, eating, getting all those little things done (you know the ones that never get done unless you doing nothing) and sleeping.

Today has mostly been eating, tweeking the pc, getting my webspace connection back and trying to find a place or posistion where my arm doesn't hurt so much

It has been a good week of rest and chilling that i needed

I intend to get an early night hoping that the reason my arm is hurting will magically go away in my sleep.

I need to lose weight and get back to the gym but recently i have simply been not feeling like or my arm has been hurting?

I intend to sort this out shortly.
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