Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

Well i am really looking forward to my new team and when i am working at 4pm everyday it means i can have River nene veg box again YAY

This is also a great avoidance tactic if i work every evening i am not out and partying as much thus on my weekends off 1 in every 2 i will enjoy them more

I am in many  way looking forward to the family christmas but it will be sad in many other ways.

I must find a housemate and there are some promosing candidates at work YAY

I must for the time being keep myself busy, cause when i stop i tend to cry which isnt good right now i have to much on to lose the odd hour here and there.

Meeting at work today so i must impress a boss type person who i have never really got on with to get the job i want

Wednesdsay is the chrstmas team thing and thursday is the annual mess that is free drinks at some random hotel that we cal the work christmas party

I have not really enjoyed this fact it was shit and i have been emotioanlly hurt more this year than any other.

And since i have lost so much i have many new things to start and do. I think i need a hoby that isnt going out and getting wrecked.

Suggestion for a Carter hoby  are very welcome.

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