Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

chrstmas, being ill (boo) , and house (YAY)

Christmas was ace i spent a lovely 3 days with my mum eating drinking , on Christmas day we went to my sisters and them my aunties and it was all wonderful and very pleasant just what i needed.

Today i am not feeling well i managed to nearly break my little finger two days ago and now its kinda blue and swollen :-(

AND i have a evil cough , sore throat and i feel all flu like :-(

still time for coffee a hot bath some toast and marmalade and then off to work.

I am starting to really look forward to having this house to myself as it will be the first time i have ever properly lived on my own. I have always lived in shared houses or houses with partners.

I have think with clever  overtime planning i can afford to live here on my own.

It means not going out much and having a slightly more austere lifestyle but thats all fine

***EDIT*** i will not be going to work today i feel crappy and i can hardly speak without coughing a lot not good for call centre work, i woudlhave been ok BUT i also havea  mouth ulcer on the inside of my front lip which hurts everytime i talk that swung it in the direction of popping to the nearest pharmacy and picking up mouth ulcer things,beechams powder and some zovirax as i am now bound to get a cold sore


The Jeep Song

The Dresden Dolls
The Dresden Dolls


I've been driving around town
With my head spinnin' around
Everywhere I look, I see
Your '96 Jeep Cherokee

You're a bully and a clown
You made me cry and put me down
After all that I've been through
You'd think I'd hate the sight of you

But with every Jeep I see
My broken heart still skips a
I guess it's just my stupid luck
That all of Boston drives the same black fucking truck

It could be him, or am I tripping
And I'm crashing into everything
And thinking about skipping town a while
Until these cars go out of style

I try to see it in reverse
It makes the situation hundreds of times worse
When I wonder if it makes you want to cry
Every time you see a light blue Volvo driving by

So don't tell me that you're off to see the world
I know you won't get very far
Don't call me if you get another girl
Baby, just tell me if you get another car

It could be him
Or am I tripping
Could be him

The number of them is insane
Every exit's an ex-boyfriend memory lane
Every major street's a minor heart attack
I see a red Jeep and I want to paint it black

It could be him, or am I tripping
And I'm crashing into everything
I can't wait 'til you trade the damn thing in
By then they will have put me in the loony bin

It could be him, my heart is pounding
It's just no use, I'm surrounded
But one day I'll steal your car and switch the gears
And drive that Cherokee straight off this trail of tears

Tags: christmas, fun, house, ill

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