Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

still not well but feeling better

So i am going into work today as i can speak without coughing and thanks to various medication my mouth ulcer,cold sore and flu ness is abating. I still ache everywhere A LOT but i will be fine

I have throat sweets (Soothers), Beechams powders , zovirax and adcortyl AND Berocca i am now ready for the day LOL

In other news Carrie moved all the bills into my name

I feel all grown up now the bills are in my name it makes me happy i dont know why ????????

Its off to The TuxmanNoodlz house this eve for NYE YAY (wish me luck it means getting a bus OHNOES)

and on sadder news is reporting Free Radical design has closed its doors :-( i hope everyone is ok.

right off to find clothes and then PACKFLAIL (my version of getting ready and packing)
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