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The Plan

I have decided that i need to achieve things in 2009 i am no longer happy standing still

I have been kinda stagnant for a while for no real reason and now is the time to end that.

When i was younger every year i used to draw up a six month plan at the start of the year, So i have decided to resurrect this idea.

I dont like new year resolutions because they dont have a structure to them they are mostly i just want to do that or not do that THE PLAN is a much better idea as its some things i would like to achieve and steps to put in place so i will

This years plan is as follows

4 things i want to achieve and the steps to getting them stuck to my living room wall so i will see them every day

1) to have a healthier and fitter me by july (my birthday) i will achieve this by going to the gym for at least 6 hours per week and eating better as well as incorporating a protein drink everyday starting from the 1st of Feb and keeping an eye on my diet, i will soon have a mostly veg based diet with very little or no meat or fish most weeks have at least £350 savings by July

3) To spend at least 3 hours per week in meditation or some kind of spiritual practise

4) To remove all unnecessary things from my life, to do this i intend to give away/throw away/ recycle at least a box of things a month until i have only what i need to live.

I think these are all very achievable and as i will see them every time i leave the house i should be able to remember them.
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