Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

home , happy and bike

So i am liking living on my own a LOT and its all very cool.

I have lots of space and time to do stuff and i really like that but now i need to be more social again as i am finding i have to much time?

So in that view i am off to meet an old freind for a drink tonight after work YAY

I am happy to report i am now on all lates (12-8) until my move to my new team where i will be working 4 - 11s YAY

Still more sorting out of boxes and i am still on that mission but i think i will leave that mission till the weekend now as i was up late last night sorting stuff and things.

I like the quiet in the house its kinda friendly, i cant wait to get kittehs here the house inspection is next week i think i much email them to check.

I have decided that since work will not give me the time off for Nepal this year :-( i am going to get a new mountain bike around my birthday and i have converted my TOIL into overtime and now i must do more overtime here is a piccy of the bike i will be getting

yay orange p7 

So i must away to get ready for work


Tags: bike, busy, home, hours
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