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quick catchup more to follow tonight

WOWbusy weekend was working Staurday for 4 hours? and then a long bus journey to the TuxNoodlz house for a fantastic night of tech, telly and drink. Woke up early and had a lovely day eating great food ( cray fish tails in chilli with jacket potatoes) YUM and watching car crash TV

Then a mad dash in the Lotus home and then to town to meet up with mum, then to Revolution for a really wonderful meal and cocktails both at two for one thanks to my "I love vodka" card YAY

and then back to mum for crackers nibbles and more tv and then wonderful sleep.

Awoken this morning with a fresh cup of coffee from , toast and marmalade from mum then bus home and now i must get ready for work PHEW

I am really starting to like single life and having my OWN place i can make as much mess or be as tidy i want to it great to know everything will be where i left it

A lot of freinds said i seem much happier ? And more (good) me YAY
Tags: mum, noodlz, revolution, tux, weekend
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