Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

Tweets for Today

08:22 Yay more snow yay yay yay and i got my new boots yesterday #

08:31 +447796677508 sent you an MMS, please retrieve it from in 7 days with ID: 447624801423 and Code:267231 #

18:23 Feel ill am skipping the gym tonight my throat feels scratchy which is never a good sign #

18:50 Treating myself to chicken and chips and a very early night #

19:16 Ouch just hit that inner wall of extreme tired didnt make it to the gym my entire body aches need friend chicken, gin and a very early night #

19:39 So if asked which band is THE band for you mind would be the smashing pumpkins #

sent by the eViL tweetmaster LoudTwitter
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