Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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eeek and oh well

Well this is now going to be an very interesting month. I paid more of my debts off and left myself with enough cash to be ok and then Npower the tossers took about 3 times more then they were meant to?

This means i now have about £50 quid for the rest of the month so my phone bil is not being paid and i will be cut off soon ish til payday and i am not going out anywhere this month.

This is annoying but ok as it means that another debt is gone and i can move my electrickery to someone else slightly less wank.

So i wil not be replying to your texts only email so if you need me please email me.

I spent the entire of yesterday playng Fable 2 and i think its AWESOME

I have this week off and i am looking forward to to slobbing out Yay
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