Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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mmm ..more change please

Right sitll not eating the things i should be and eating lots of the things i should be DAM IT

So from now on when i am at home i will not eat anything i havent prepared , so beans on toast is fine takeaway is NOT, Vegatable VERY FINE, take away VERY NOT (even if it has vegies in)

Re instating my walks to work and before work i intend to make sandwiches or salad etc if i can not find the time then i may purchase thee items. BUT NO MORE LIVING ON TAKE AWAY AND DAIRY LEE WITH HAM

The lack of drinking is wierd but really good i am kinda liking it.

I am thinking the next target should be caffiene ??? But maybe thats taking this too far i mean COFFEE?
Tags: coffee, dietm take away, drinking, food
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