Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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A question

Who of you beleve in the concept of "the one" as in the one true love?

Do any of you hold to the idea of that one person in life that is "the one"

And if you do belive in this could you explain why?

I am confused by this concept i feel that way sometimes but i am no longer with the person that i feel this way for? So how does that work?

At the same i think its nonsense and the feeling of being in love convinces us of this idea or maybe the idea shows us what love really is?

It is one of those odd questions that gets stuck between what i feel and what i think and i was never very good at combining the two concepts so i would like more insight from you all to help me get a handle on what i am feeling and how that ties in with how i am thinking
Tags: life, love, thoughtful
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