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ok so my new fitness regime starts tomorrow

Firstly nutrition is really important so i will not be eating takeaways and will mostly live on chicken, veg, noodles , rice or cous cous in various different combinations of YUM

Also i have now begun to snack on apples and bananas rather then naughty foods.

AND i will be taking this everyday

Animal Stak 2

and this


And training 4 days a week rotating muscle group so that each group has time to recover. And one week off every month maybe just swimming.

Sleep is also really important so will be giving myself at least 9 hours a night in which to sleep i expect i will not sleep that much but you never know.

So i am curious how much change i can effect in a 6 month time frame so i will weigh myself every week and let you guys know the results

From about 2 months worth of research this seems like the best plan and has taken into account all the various factors and this should show increases in strength fitness and muscle within 6 months.

Before this starts i will take pictures and post them and every week new pics. I am a bit nervous about posting pics before but thanks to varioussorrows i think its time to really challenge myself to change and posting a pic of how i look now is scary but will be good.

Tags: fitness, gym, health
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