Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

16:52 At work talking to the stupid masses who seen to constantly buy electrical devices without know how to use them YAY #

18:58 Just spent 13 mins of my life trying to explain that the customers tv was not on and all she needs to do is TURN IT ON #

20:34 Kill me kill me NOW , someone just asked if his sky tv HE WAS NOW WATCHING WAS FIXED *headdesk* #

22:33 When i say unplug it i mean take TAKE THE PLUG OUT OF THE WALL #

23:35 Sitting at home going to watch the Rest of atonement and drink gin #

00:30 Yay gin and more "This Life" , Atonement was a wonderful film #

01:26 Sleepy night night twitter peoples #

sent by the eViL tweetmaster LoudTwitter
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