Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

training update

So i have been wokring out a lot during the last month and pics will follow shortly as promised.

My quick review on Animal Stak and Animal M-Stak is that they work very well.

I prefer M-Stak so far it is aimed at "hard gainers" which is basically what i am, I have a very fast metabolism and dont tend to put on muscle a lot and i mostly thin down pretty quickly which norally would be great but i want more muscle so M Stak is great this past month i have put on nearly half a stone in weight and lost fat mostly around my middle. YAY

This means i now look far more solid and muscle defination has definatly improved.

The net result of this is i am now happier with my body and more confident as a result.

I am more motivated now than ever to continue and stay fitter , i love going to the gym and excersising and that alone is worth it as it helps me stay more stable and in a better mood during everyday life.

I am also reading a lot on pilates and that is helping with my posture again it was something i was very interested in and did a lot when i was younger and i am loving learnring about it and my body again

I am thinking of finding a day class if i can fit everything in!

So all is well in the world of me !
Tags: animal m stak, animal pak, fitness, gym, pilates
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