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So a start in my future happiness

I am reading alot of books about Buddhism and related topics and one of the things that i have picked up on is that Happiness relies on not concentrating on what i dont have and want (desires) i should instead change how i view my life/possesions and my perception of them/it

As a start i am going to list the thing i am thankful for that i have and update that list once a week i will update witha  new thing.


1) i have a job that pays well is close to my home and is easy to get to and i am pretty good at

2) I have a house that is warm comfortable and shelters me well

3) i have a  great housemate that helps with the housework and pays half of everything that i get along very well with and have great times with.

4) i am fit and healthy and am able to look after myself

5) i have good freinds and family

6) i am able to feed and clothe myself with relative ease

these are the things i am thankful for this week
Tags: buddhism, happy, thoughts
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