Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

So trainig not going so well last week

I felt kinda of ill and run down all week and like a had one of those sneeky colds so i still went but couldnt  really do as much as i would like.

So had a long weekend and will be back in the gym today and all will be well and happy , so i think i need to eat less a lot less and train that little bit harder to get the shape i want.

To correct a freind the only reason i am doing this is so that i can look in the mirror and be happy with what i see and also for fitness i am doing this now as i woke up one day looked in the mirror and i didnt like what i saw.

So this morning i will be drinking and protien shake getting dressed having my head shaved and going to the gym and lunch will be a smokey vegatable burrtio from the screaming carrot.

If i get hungry i will slurp on my a smoothie

In other news its my birthday soon YAY not sure what i am doing yet but i would very much love to go with some of you to Alton towers.

I have the week off starting the 20th of July and the first week in August let me know if any of you have a free day let me know
Tags: birthday, eating, gym, healthy
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