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OK first big step

I have opened up all the letters i have been ignoring and the news is not good but its not THAT bad, so i am in the middle of making a budget and finding out which each one of the will accept and go from there.

I have to accept that when i am stressed/depressed i ignore things rather than deal with them i am just hoping by talking honestly to the people i owe money to about this they will understand and accept the income/outcome spredsheet i have worked out for them. otherwise i expect they will ccj me or some such thing?

I have worked out i can eat on very little money and i think i may have to

Its a little scary but its ok.

I have a week off later this month i should be able to empty the front room of crap and then start moving stuff i need to get rid of into there.

time for lots of ebay me thinks.

You are my friends do any of you think i should visit the doc and speak to them and maybe go on meds if thats what the decide.  I dont like putting myself into someones elses hand but maybe it would be a good step i dont really know?
Tags: budget, ebay, money, scary

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