Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

ok so not a great start

For various reasons i have no cash card and therefore no cash as i have pretty much no ID i am off to the bank in a bit to try and sort this out, BUT up in time for the gym YAY, eating good healthy food now, drinking coffee and wondering how i am going to sort my finances out.  But i am getting ahead of myself the plan is simple

1) my only lunch is going to be a samsosa which is 30p from the shop around the corner cooked fresh

2) breakfast will consist of cereal or toast

3) a veg based slow cooked type meal most evenings prepared the morning and left cooking while at work.  This mean fresh veg every day.

This will greatly reduce my out goings.

Walking to work instead of the tram, and many more things like that i should be able to free up a decent amount of money to start paying the loans etc.

SO this is a start now food and off to the gym in the hope i can find my motivation agan I WILL NOT SIT BACK AND DO NOTHING just because ....... feeling depressed is a state of mind and one i am simply not going to accept.

Its going to be hard i know this and yeah i expect a few more scars a long the way but hey

Drinking has also got to stop and this is the one thing i am having a lot of trouble with so from now on i am leaving all money and card at home.

I may need a pat time job if i do follow this route then i will cancel my gym membership but this is only a step i wan to take IF I HAVE TO as the gym helps me keep a little saner than i might be otherwise.

Autumn is my time of year so things will pick up i will make them if i have to
Tags: depressed, drinking, food, gym, monies

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