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Alan Clarke

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ok step

Right i have decided to register with the new medical centre thingy near me as i cant remember who my doctor is and i have brief memories of going there when it was the mary potter centre??

So i have a week off coming soon and i will schedule an apointment there during that time.

In the meantime i have noticed that better food = happier me so much more cooking and much less

The gym is exciting again so much more time spent there me thinks YAY but this time more regulated arther than everyday

Taking the drinking thing one day at a time as i think i drink way way to much and i want to stop altogther for the time being as i think this will aid my mood a lot.

and i am now planning more time out with freinds in very small groups.

And soon the clearing out happens which is scary and good and i think after i have got over the sad part will leave me feeling much happier

I have startyed putting my bills and debts in some kinda of order of importance and i will start making offers soon
Tags: depression, doctors, mental health
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