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Alan Clarke

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UP v early for a busy day

Firstly coffee, then pop to the shops to buy veg, chicken and sugar.

The some pots and put some washing in.

Then put all the lovely food into slow cooker

Then the gym and work out fo a few ours, and then a swim and sauna.

Then home to deal with another box of nonsense from front room.

And then a quiet night in with a good book, good food, some nice music and i might allow myself a beer.

Tomorrow will see me attack more of the front room YAY and tidy and hoover my room.

when my new cash card appears i will start the GREAT PAYING OF 2009

and i might even pop into the new health centre today to find out how i register with them.

so a positive start to the day and hopefully later i will have an hour or so to meditate some more.

Work have allowed me to have saturdays off so i am now free to volunteer to the local Buddhist centre so thats the next thing to look into

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